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The Southern Shores of Datça Peninsula


Under this chapter in our site, we shall be examining the southern shores of Datça Peninsula, starting from Knidos(36°40’58”N - 27°22’41”E) on the west to Kurucabük Koyu (36°45’19”N – 27°53’76”E) on the east.  Datça Peninsula extends for about 30 miles from the mainland and ends by Deveboynu Point. The shores starting from mount Karadağ (768 m) are craggy and drops sheer into the sea and ends by Datça. The shore line on this part is 19 miles, after flat plain where Reşadiye and Emecik are located, it reaches to mount Bozdağ (1174m) and ends by Kurucabük Bay (11miles). The shores are creepy. Extereme care is needed especially in the vicinity of Knidos. When there is strong westerlies, the winds are funnelled down from the mountain and cause severe gusts and choppy sea. Those who will not stop by Knidos, should keep clear from the shore. Strongly blowing breeze from Datça, keeps up with the geological formations of the bay. It drops down from W and blows with light swell into the bay in the morning in summer then swifts breeze at noontime. The shores on north get swell from southerlies and shores on south are effected by swell penetration from northerlies. Northerlies are predominant in summer months. Southerlies blow in winter, spring and autumn.

I advice you to be careful about the southerly blowing winds while sailing in the region in winter, spring and autumn.

There is relative humidity in summer, winter months are rainy and relatively cold. As for vegatation of the mainland: 66% is wooded by pine trees, 18% is maquis-rocky and 16 % is cultivated.

There are numerous of laced bays along the shores, providing excellent sheltering and road connections with attractive surroundings. Pine trees lie down to sea in most bays and shores are embellished by date palms.

There are so many historical sites with impressive surroundings.

Angling is also very productive especially in september and october. All provisions are available in the anchorages. Organic farming is common in the region. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. 

Care is needed while sailing, reefs extend from most of the points. Shallow areas are not easily recognized. Keep clear 100 meters off the points.

Dangerous shallows:

1 ) Reefs at Hayıt Bükü,

2 ) Isolated reefs at poinKarataş Bur,

3 ) Rocky patches at Yassı Ada,

4 ) Isolated reefs at Karaincir,

5 ) Isolated reefs at Adatepe Peninsula.


311-3112-3112 E Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography.

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