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Coordinates 36°45'8.87" N - 27°53'53.24" E
Chart No 311

Kurucabük lies betwee points; Adatepe Burnu and Bozan Burnu. It indents to the NW. The entry of the bay is wide and there are good depths in the fairway. Care is needed for the reefs, extending from the tip of the points on both sides. Swells at the entry from the prevailing wind, dies off in the middle then rises up by the beach side. Kurucabük provides all-round shelter except in SE winds and moderate shelter from southerlies if you anchor close to the peninsula and take a line ashore. The slopes are densily wooded by pine trees. This part is a favorite anchorage for those loving serenity. Boats anchor off by the state camping zone in 6-10 m. The bottom is weed and sand. Make sure  you anchor in the sand bottom. You can easliy drift if your anchor in thick weed. The beach area is cordoned off by the buoys. A wooden pier on the summer residential site is not accesible and berthing is not allowed. This summer residential site with attractive settings was built under patronage of Mayor of Muğla. There are restaurants, markets, a post-office, a laundry and bank ATMs in the vicinity. State clinic and gendarme station are located within complex. Public market is arranged on Mondays-Wednesdays and Fridays. You can buy fresh fruits ,vegetables, olive and cheese at reasonable rates. Regular minibus services are available to Datça (25 km) and Marmaris (45 km). There are nice forest paths in the site. It is a pleasure to walk among pine trees with squirrels. There is a wooden pier on the south corner for the fishing boats belong to people from villages around. Together with their families, they come and live here during the summer, to catch and sell fish.

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