Coordinates 36°43'14.22" N - 27°41'24.25" E
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Datça lies on the west of Uzunca Ada Light (Fl R 3s 10m 3M). A peninsula extends in eastern direction. On the northern side of this peninsula, there is a shallow cove where a few boats may push off in the depths 5-6 m. The local boats occupy the quay. This anchorage is fair weather spot. The southern side of the peninsula is the adequate place for berthing. This port is open to south. A short mole extends out and the inlet under this mole is allocated for fishing boats. Coast guard boat berths at the tip of this mole. Boats go stern on quay. Drop your anchor in 5m. The bottom is thick weed and sand. Make sure that your anchor is holding well before you leave your boat unattendant. Datça breeze is well known; it blows down from the passage among the mountains. Especially in winter, southerly gales cause rough sea and make the anchorage untenable. The quay is operated by the municipality (Phone 252-712 35 04). An attendant will guide you and help to tie up. Berthing capacity of the quay is 40 boats. Water and electricty are available. A fee is charged. All provisions can be obtained. Datça is known for three main foods. Fish, almonds and honey are the main products of the region.  Some mechanical works can be carried out. There are nice restaurants and bars around the port, providing good food and service. The public market is arranged on Saturdays. A highway of 70 km connects Datça to Marmaris. Dalaman Airport is 160 km.. Regular transportation facilities are available to Marmaris, Muğla, Istanbul and Ankara. There are nice beaches along the cost. Datça bays are favorite for snorkelling. Diving tours and courses are organized. Windsurf facilities are available.Datça is one of the designated ports for entry-exit formalities.

Datça is included in the national preservation programme. Datça still carries its identity as calm town and new settlements are not allowed, renovation works can be carried out under certain procedures. Developments are carefully monitored by the local authorities and as a result much of the peninsula retains its natural charm. Datça hosts several art and  cultural activities.

The yearly weather cycle in Datça:

July and august are the hottest months.Spring days are warm, evenings are cooler.

Humidity: NIL

Average Temp in Summer: 34 Deg C

Average Temp in Winter  : 12-14 Deg C

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