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The Southern Shores of Bodrum Peninsula





Southern shores of Bodrum Peninsula are 43 miles long from Hüseyin Burnu on the west (36°58’ N - 27°15’9\" E ) to Akbük Limanı (37°01’50”N - 28°06’23”E ) on the east. In our system here, we explain the best places to dock and anchor along with our suggestions and recommendations which we have developped recently.

The bays on this side afford sheltering from northerlies, but they are open to south. We advise you to be careful about southerly blowing winds while sailing especially in spring and autumn.

The mountains in this side of the gulf rise on the shores then plummet down to the sea. When the breeze is blowing at full strenght, it is funneled by land and tends to blow down on the bays from the mountains and make it uncomfortable.

The coastline and slopes are densily loaded with concrete heaps. A large number of touristic hotels and holiday villages are built. The bays get crowded in summer. Most provisions are found.  Maintenance and service facilities have been improved. Security is well maintained. State clinics, hospitals and pharmacies are available with efficient care. Gökova was a calm region and kept its identity until 80s then has developped over recent years and became one the the prettiest spots for the sailors. 

Meteorological Facts:

Average temperature : 20 C

Average temperature in summer: 32 -34 C

Average temperature in winter : 10 C

Average sea-water temp: 22 C

Average sea-water temp in Aug and September : 24-26 C

Humidity: NIL

Predominant Winds:

Spring : South

Summer: North-Northwest/Southeast

Autumn : Nortwest / Southeast

Winter: South


311 -Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Hyfrography and Oceanography.

Marina Ambulance :

VHF 73, - Phone :0252-319 15 15

Sea Rescue and Emergency Team:

24 hrs service including doctor and divers. 

Service zone : Gümüşlük- Orak Adası-Knidos 

VHF 73 – Phone: 252 316 18 60-66

The Southern Shores of Bodrum Peninsula Video