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Coordinates 36°57'57.00" N - 27°17'36.00" E
Chart No 3111

Akyarlar Koyu lies on the SW of Bodrum Peninsula between Koca Burun on the east and 0.80 M on the west of Akyarlar Burnu. It indents to the north and 3 NM away from Kos Island. Care is needed on the rocky shallows Paşa Kayalıkları on the west and the reefs extending out 200 meters from the middle part of the peninsula ended with Koca Burun.

There is a shelter for fishing boats. The bottom is sand. Drop your anchor off the beach in the depths of 4-8 meters, pay attention that you are not obstructing shelter entry. Ease your chain carefully. Depts suddenly shallow to marshland. Crowded anchorage in summer. A large number of boats swing at anchor. Affords shelter from westerlies but, it is open to southerlies.

There is adequate shelter from prevailing wind on the west. This part is called Akçabük Koyu. You can take a line ashore. This part is layover port for those cruising northward.

There is a shelter with berthing capacity for 25 boats, managed by cooperative-phone:252-393 80 56. Depth by the mole is 3 meters. Boats can also anchor off the mole and take a line ashore to shelter from southerlies. Water and electricty can be obtained. Waste water discharge facility is available. A fee is charged. Block ice and butane gas bottle can be found. The shelter is always occupied by tripper and private boats. Diving tours to Kargı Island are organized.

Regular transport services to Bodrum (22 km) and Turgut Reis (9 km) are always available.

Most provisions can be obtained from the markets. The public market is arranged on Thursdays. The village hosts several hotels, pensions, pastry shops and restaurants. State Clinic, two pharmacies and Gendarme Station are in the vicinity. Bank ATMs are also available. 

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