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Coordinates 36°59'46.89" N - 27°47'33.84" E
Chart No 311

Çökertme Koyu indents to the north between Points; Kepçe Burun and Karaburun. Çökertme is a favorite layover port for the chartering boats.Pine and olive trees surround the bay. the coves by the western end, intending to the north  afford sheltering from westerly and northerly blowing winds. You can be anchored in 10-15 meters and get aline ashore. The cove on the north is more shallow. Boats can be anchored off in 5-10 meters with a line ashore or pushed off if it is not packed. Çökertme beach side is on the eastern part where there are restaurants with piers. Staff will help you to tie up. There are laid moorings of restaurants tailed on piers. Southerlies send swell in. Water and electricity are available. Fuel can be obtained. Limited provisions can be found. A few modest pensions in the village host visitors. Çökertme still carries some of the charm being fishing and carpet-weaving village. There are carpet and kilim stands in the village. A road goes in for about 3 km to Bozalan Village where you can see carpet-weaving examples and enjoy stupendous view of Çökertme and Gökova.

Çökertme is subject to heritage conservation programme, to preserve its identity.

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