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Kara Island


Kara Island

Coordinates 36°59'8.59" N - 27°27'26.89" E
Chart No 311

North-West Light:Fl(2) 5s 7M

Karaada Islanis 3.6 M long and it  lies SE direction. Karaada is 2 miles from south of Bodrum.. The island is covered with pine trees. The piers on the northern part are fair weather anchorages. There is curative hot water on the north, you can be anchored in the front in 7-8 meters  (36°59’08”N - 27°27’09”E). The bottom is sand.

The coves facing to Kos Island on the south has become training area for the divers. The water is clear and depths are gradually gets deeper. Artificial reef and wrecks including coast guard boat at the depth of 17-26m, C-47 Dakota airplane at the depth of 17-25 m and Navy-tanker vessel at the depth of 18-36 m, are the bottom. Attractive spot for divers.

The cove KAÇAKÇI KOYU - 36°57’02”N - 27°28’50”E, affords adequate sheltering but there is room only for a few boats. 

The cove on the east  POYRAZ LIMANI - 36°57’54”N - 27°27’44” E, provides sheltering from breeze.  Anchor off in 7-8 meters and get a line ashore. Northerlies send swell in.

ADALI KOY - 1M on the E of Poyraz Liman on N of Yassı Ada - 36°57’39”N - 27°28’50”E, provides adequate sheltering from breeze. Anchor off in the depths of 5-6 meters. The bottom is sand.

There are eight diving spots around Karaada. They are favorite for divers. Some interesting names like Kaçakçılar or Kabarcık Mağarası, carry specific underwater characteristics. All foreign divers must be accompanied by licenced Turkish guide diver.

Boats should take all necessary precautions while cruising in the diving zone to pay attention for buoys and reduce speed.


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