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Kargıcık Bükü


Kargıcık Bükü

Coordinates 36°59'16.00" N - 27°33'45.00" E
Chart No 311

Kargıcık Bükü indents to the west between points : Pabuç Burnu and Kara Burun. The water is clear, the bottom is weed and sand. You can be anchored  off by the swimming buoys of Sea Garden Hotel. Drop your anchor in 8-13 meters. You can also go the southern part drop anchor and take a line ashore. The bights on the north can be anchored with a line ashore. You can buy fresh fish from the fishing boats. The coves provide all-round shelter except fom southerlies. Breeze tends to blow down on the bay. Ease your chain as much as possible. There is a  pier on the north of the hotel. This pier is managed by the cooperative (Phone : 252-311 12 80). Berthing capacity is upto 10 boats. Water and electricity are provided. A fee is charged. Tripper boats also berth here. Land transport is available from pier to Yalı Village (3km) and Bodrum (21 km). Taxies can be arranged either from cooperative or from Sea-Garden Hotel (Phone: 252-311 12 80). Water sport activities available within Sea Garden Hotel.

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