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Coordinates 37°1'3.87" N - 27°20'39.05" E
Chart No 311

The shores from the north of Point Bağla Burnu down to the east show same identity. The shores are sandy and clear sea, ringed by hotels, restaurants and bars. Popular spot for the excursion boats from Bodrum. Water sport facilities are organized.

The bay provides adequate shelter from westerlies, northerlies send swell in.


37°00’09”N - 27°20”52” E

Kargı Koyu lies on the north of Baglar Point on the west. The piers along the shore are not adequate for berthing. They are for tripper boats. Camels around are for touristic attractions. This tranquil cove provides all-round shelter. Drop anchor in 4-12 meters. Good holding.

Crowded anchorage in summer because of holiday makers.


36°01’09”N - 27°20’52’E


Right after Kargı Koyu, enroute to Aktur, is one of the prettiest bays in the area. Ortakent Yalısı has long sandy beach and clear sea. Hotels and restaurants surrond the bay. There is a marinette off the stream with berthing capacity up to 38 boats. There are laid moorings. Water and electricity are provided. Village administration manages the anchorage, (Phone: 0252-348 44 45 / 358 62 02 ). Fuel can be obtained from truck-tanker.

You can also anchor off the pier. Pay attention for shoal water nearby the stream. You can walk to the village amongst tangerina trees. It is 3km from the pier. Most provisions can be obtained. The public market is arranged on Wednesdays. Regular transport facilities are available.


Era sailing club settlements are on the eastern side of the pier. This club is one of the most preceeded clubs in Turkey as training a large number of sportsmen. Practising images are pleasent.


37°01’19” N - 27°22’ E

Lies on the E of Era Sailing club. One of the prettiest holiday site is squeezed between two bold capes, bougainvillea and lush plants adorn hillsides. Achorage is nearly imposible because of swimming buouys. Moorings are private owned.

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