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Coordinates 37°1'39.00" N - 27°24'5.00" E
Chart No 311-3111

This bay is the nearest bay to Bodrum on the western side of the peninsula. This large bay, surrounded by holiday sites and hotels, adjoins Bodrum.

You can anchor outside the buoys in depth of 5 to 8 m. The bottom is weed and sand. The east side of the bay, close to shore, is shallow and marshy. The western side of the bay is known as Asarlı Koy. Reefs extend about 40 m out from the the point on the north.

A pier on the east is always occupied. Water sport activities are in the vicinity.

All provisions are found from the markets ashore or from Bodrum. 

Gümbet is gradually becoming a center for nightlife attractions.

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