Coordinates 37°1'50.00" N - 28°6'23.00" E
Chart No 311

Akbük Limanı indents to the west on the northern part of Point Akbük. The peninsula is densily wooded by pine trees. Boats drop anchor in 10-15 meters by the end. Akbük provides adequate sheltering from west and northwest blowing winds. It is open to south and south east.

Akbük is the right in the middle of famous Kıran Winds. The eastern shores are called as Kıran Shore. When you stay here in summer, pay attention to the mountains especially upon northerly winds. At night, when the weather becomes dry, humidity drops, the mountains become visible and clouds move towards south, on seeing this take your anchor immediately and swift to the north. ease as much as possible and take a line ashore.

The coves along the western part are shallows. The cove- (37°01’10”N-28°06’48”E) at the entry behind Akbük Point, affords adequate sheltering. Take a line ashore. Pine trees behind, densely cover the shores and slopes. Tripper boats give break here. There are two piers of the restaurants. Moorings are tailed on jetties. Water, electricity and wireless connections are available. Some provisions are found in the markets of the restaurants. A rough path goes in to the forest and reaches to Yerkesik (35 Km), Ören (25 Km) and Akyaka (25 km). A stream by the beach side between reeds and trees joints the sea.  

The surrondings are attractive.

Akbük is included in the heritage conservation programme.

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