Coordinates 37°1'44.00" N - 27°58'34.00" E
Chart No 311

Ören lies on the east of Point Ören. Light tower- Fl 3s 6m 8M, is identified from the distance.Care is needed for the shallow area between Points Ören and Kerme. Boats should keep well offshore. This bay is an open bay and it does not provide sheltering. Breeze sends swell in. You can anchor by the beach side in the depths of 15-20 meters in calm weather. The shore includes a beach with pensions and hotels. Humidity ratio is low. Most provisions are available.  You can get fresh fish from the fishmongers. The town is nested with the ruins of anchient Keramos. The town center looks like open air museum. Keramos was the first town, won victory in Roman Olympics. Ören is the cradle of ceramics and potteries.

State Clinic, Gendarme station, Coast guard, phamacies, Bank branches and ATMs are in the town zone.

Bodrum Milas Airport 70 km- Bodrum 95 km.

A slipway is located between Ören-Çökertme.

Paragliding has developped in Ören. Try taking part and be withness of the beauty of Gökova Gulf, stretches beneath your feet.

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