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Göcek Gulf

A number of interlaced coves adorn the shoreline of Göcek Bay, on the western side of Gulf Fethiye. Adequate anchorages from Ağa Limanı (36°37’06”N - 28°52’57”E) on NE of Kapıdağ Peninsula to the Town of Göcek(36°45’11”N - 28°56’08”E) are explained in our portal. Göcek is one the most important boating spots in Turkey. Most of the anchorages in Göcek afford all-round shelter. Göcek is easliy accessible by air and road. Most provisions can be found. Maintenance and service facilities have been improved since the marinas opened. The bay is sufficiently deep.

Dangerous shallows in Göcek:

1- A shallow bank and reefs lying ; 1/2M on E of Büyük Yassıca, 

2- Reefs on NE of Büyük Yaslica; extending out for 100m towards Göcek,

3- A group of rocks (Yılanlı Ada Sığlıları or TopBurnu) lie between Boynuzbükü and Yassıca. These rocks extend northward for about 800m. There is good depth between these rocks and islet, There is a light ;(Fl (2) 10s 6.5m 5M), but care is needed in the vicinity.

Göcek carries Mediterrenean climate conditions. Mild and rainy, relatively warm in winter and hot in summer. The medium temperature is 30 C degree in summer. Rainfall is relatively low along the shoreline because of the geographical formation of the mountains. The mountains plummet into the sea. Humidity is relatively low.  Vegetation along the shoreline is maquis including bushes and olive trees, but the valleys are thickly wooded with pine including pinus nigra, pinus bruita and cedrus. Göcek is renowned for growing tangerines and lemons as well as oranges because of the climate.

The predominant wind in Göcek blows from W-NW. The breeze (Meltem) starts blowing in may. It is full strength in july august and dies in october. The strenght varies between 15 and 40 knots. The prevailing wind blows from the isthmus of Kapıdağ Peninsula, penetrates into the coves in varying strenghts, depending on their location, and reaches Göcek as southerly. When the winds blows stronger in the Gulf of Fethiye, it blows into Göcek Bay from N and NW, but does cause severe gusts. In strong nighttime westerlies , there can be gusts and confused seas, and considerable swell will penetrate deep into the bay.

There are several ways to enter. There are good depths in the passages close to the coast, the slopes rise sheer from the sea. Powerboats usually follow the route off Yassıca Islands due to speed limit in Göcek Bay.

Electricty is not available in the coves. The restaurants produce their own electricty. Water supply is available.

Göces coves are crowded and hot in July and August, but cool in May through June and in September and October. Seasonally, there may be mosquitoes, bees or flies in some of the coves, depending on the wind.

Göcek has been taken under a preservation programme. Cruising and anchoring regulations are instituted according to memorandium announced on 04.05.2010. Gulf Göcek, Göcek and Dalaman bays are taken into special environmental protection zone.

Application Procedures and Principles:

1- Vessels without tanks for the storage of waste water are not allowed in Göcek Port zone , Göcek coves and Dalaman.

2- Vessels entering the Göcek Coves  - Dalaman must moor only to an approved mooring zone. The boats are not allowed to tie other than at coastal facilities and waterfront piers and buoys. The vessels are not allowed to anchor other than the areas specified by the harbour master which are detailed in application of Procedures and principles.

Buoys and bollards are placed in the coves. Mooring lines to the trees are prohibited.

3- Vessels within, Dalaman and Göcek coves must adhere to the Regulation on Noise Pollution whereby music broad cast is prohibited.

Social activities are possible on the southern shores of Katrancı Island.

4- Barbeque on deck or ashore is prohibited within Göcek town zone, Dalaman and Göcek coves.

5- Dirty water and oily waste may not be discharged within Gocek town zone, Dalaman and Göcek Coves. Oil, bilge water and ballast water contaminated with the waste must be discharged to waste reception facilities and / or waste vessel.

6- Solid waste must be deposited in containers at specific locations, situated in Kille Bay, Sarsala. Not to be left in any other coves.

Non profit organizations and Göcek Municipatiy conduct regular garbage collection from the yachts. These organizations perform outstanding work that helps raise the environmental awarness of area residents.

7- Water sport activities except jet-skis are allowed, but subject to permission of authorities.

8- Maximum cruising speed in Göcek Port zone, Dalaman and Göcek coves, is 6 knots, except with pilotage services and allowed water sport activities.

9- Excursion (Tripper)  boats may only enter the areas between 10.00-20.00 hours as defined as; South of Göcek Island, Zeytin Island, Domuz Island, Yassıca Island-western side, Sarsala, Taşyaka, Atbükü, Günlüklü, Kargılı, Kille, Merdivenli, Kurşunlu,Uzunali, and Tersane Island-Summer Cove. Tripper boats are not allowed to enter to the coves not mentioned above. Tripper boat entry is allowed to the coves  if these coves are adeqaute spots for yachts.  The vessels are not allowed to tie other that at coastal facilities. The vessels are also not allowed to anchor other than the areas specified.

Anchoring Zones:

Göcek Bay (Göcek Island, including the northern side) and defined as:

36°44’32”N-28°55’42” E (OSMANAGA)

36°44’58”N-28°57’94” E   (GCKADAKZ)

Consisting of points with lines in the area between the coast.

 A-Göcek Island




Points in the remaining areas and;



Points in the remaining area. 

B- Winter Port (Kış Limanı)



Consisting of points with lines in the area between the coast.

c) Kurşunlu Cove



Consisting of points with lines in the area between the cost,

 ç) Sarsala Cove



Consisting of points with lines in the area between the cost, 

d) Sıralıbük Cove



Anchoring is prohibited. Berthing is allowed with buoys and bollards.

 e) Yassıca Islands and  Zeytinli Ada







Anchoring is prohibited.  Berthing is allowed with buoys and bollards.

 Zone Between Yassıca Islands and Point ;Dil Burnu







3122: Printed by Turkish Navy, Department of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography.

Göcek bays are the wonders of nature. Göcek was a quite place that kept its identity as a fishing and mining village until recent years. Today Göcek is the most attractive spot for sailors. Most provisions can be found in the town. The public market occurs on sundays. Regular transportation facilities are available to Fethiye, Marmaris and Muğla.  Dalaman International Airport is 20 km from Göcek.  There are number of restaurants bars along the coast. Boating facilities are well maintained. The marinas in the region are well developped. 

Useful Phones:

Coast Guard             : 158 /0252-645 27 02

Gendarme                 : 0252-645 10 23

Forest Fire                : 177

State Clinic               : 112 / 0252-645 11 77

First Aid Boat          : 0549-554 43 30

Göcek Municipality : 0252-645 10 30

Turmepa                  : 0252-645 31 47

Diving service           : 0539-814 21 92

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