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Coordinates 36°42'41.28" N - 28°53'45.16" E
Chart No 312

Boynuzbükü is a large bay on the west of Küçük Yılanlı Islet, indenting to the west and ends with a wide greenary layout. A stream on south comes into the sea. This side is shallow and marshy. The norhern and southern slopes are covered by pine trees. Finger points extend from both shores and there are10-20 m depths. You can tuck yourself in with a line ashore. The depth in the bight on NW is shallower.  These anchorages provide adequate shelter in prevailing winds. There is a nice restaurant ashore with a T-pier where you can go stern-to and get water. 220V electricty support is made to the boats when necessary. There is 3m depth at the head. Berthing capacity of the pier is up to 20 boats. Different fruit and vegetables are grown in the garden behind. Water sports including parasiling are available. You can enjoy bird's eye view the beauty and feel adrenalin charge.

Dalaman is 24 km from Boynuzbükü and taxies can be arranged from the restaurant.


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