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Coordinates 36°38'39.47" N - 28°53'37.52" E
Chart No 312

Göbün cove affords all-round shelter. Several visiting boats winter in the water here. Dalaman is easily accessible for provisional supply.

Göbün Koyu cannot easily be identified from a distance. You will spot the bay only as pass the opening, which is between sheer cliffs. Larger boats cannot enter this cove as there is little space for maneuvering. There is 5 to 7m depth and the bottom is sand. The western side is shallow. There are underwater demolished walls from the ancient settlements. There is a low quay on starboard where there is room for a few yatchs. Boats can anchor in the middle and take a line to this quay. There are floating moorings of the restaurant. A quay of the restaurant has berthing capacity up to 40 boats. The area near by the head of the quay is rocky. It is best to go bows-to it to secure your rudder though long passarellas are provided by restaurant. The restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Göcek. It is owned by a diver and his wife from Kayaköy. They provide good food and service. They produce electricity from the solar panels. There is a barber next to the restaurant.

The settings are very attractive. Do not forget to climb up before sunset for a fabulous view of Göcek bay. Rough but nice path leads you to the ruins from the Roman period.

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