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Kargılık Bay


Kargılık Bay

Coordinates 36°43'33.00" N - 28°55'5.00" E
Chart No 312

This anchorage lies on W of Göcek Island. The bay indents to SW. There are considerable depths in the bay (20-25m). The slopes are densely wooded in pine. There are two anchorages in the vicinity.


36°43’26”N - 28°54’39”E

Atbükü is on the south. It has an exquisite setting with pine trees covering the hillsides. Depths shelve toward marshland. Both sides are adequate for anchoring with a line ashore.


36°43’44”N - 28°54’354”E

This cove is on the north of Kargılı, ends in a shingle beach. There is a tasty well water  behind greenary area. There is an outlet for the boats where you can fill up the tanks. You can anchor in 10m and take a line ashore. The settings are attractive. 

Kargılık Bay Map