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Sıralıbük Port


Sıralıbük Port

Coordinates 36°40'40.25" N - 28°51'48.98" E
Chart No 312

This cove lies on the north of the point; Martı Burnu. It indents to the west. This cove is open to east. Strong westerlies push in swell. The bottom does not afford good holding. There are good depths, and the depths shelve ashore and ends with a shingle beach. Keep some distance off the shore and anchor in 15m and take a line ashore. 

There are two bights on the northern side. Care is needed for the isolated reefs while dropping the anchor. You can anchor fore-and-aft. Keep some distance off the shore, ease your chain as much as possible to avoid drifting. Prevailing winds send in swell. There is another bight on the north, it is wider. Large powerboats berth here. Attractive anchorage with its settings.

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