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Kuyrucak Bay


Kuyrucak Bay

Coordinates 36°38'27.64" N - 28°51'56.71" E
Chart No 312

Kuyrucak Cove lies on the south of Point Kuyrucak, intending to the east. It affords sheltering except for southerlies. Boats drop hook in 20 m on west side and take a line ashore. The bottom is sand. The western shores are favorite spot for powerboats. There is a boat restaurant on the beach side with four floating moorings and a pier on the beach side, but the depth is shallow here.

You can climb up about 200 m for a stupendous view of the slopes overlooking Göcek Bay. Lycian sarcophagus ruins are in the vicinity. There is a solitary house on the way. Beware of dogs.

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