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Kapı Bay


Kapı Bay

Coordinates 36°38'36.56" N - 28°51'14.69" E
Chart No 312


36°38’95”K - 28°51’00”D

Manastır Koyu lies 1M SW of point; Boz Burun. It indents by the isthmus of Kapıdağ Peninsula. The setting is magnificient. The forested hillsides and violet cliffs on both sides are split by ravines. Manastır Koyu is one the most favorite anchorages in Göcek bays. There are two coves, both are adequate anchorages.


36°38’45”N - 28°51’75”E

A demolished bath lends a special atmosphere to this cove. According to legend, it was built by the ruler of the ancient settlements on the slope. The eastern shore is deep. Gulets anchor in 20m and take a line ashore. This cove gets crowded by tripper boats and they constantly churn in and out. It is much better to arrive in late afternoon and leave before 10.30 am the next day. The western side is the best to be tucked up. The settings are very attractive. If you climb the hill, you can see Port Gökgemile and open sea.

 Do not forget to climb before sunset.


36°38’25”N- 28°51’19”E

This creek looks like a pool. The bottom is thick weed. Boats drop anchor in 10-15m off the south or west sides and take a line ashore. The prevailing wind blows from the strait and causes swell, but it has a welcome cooling effect in summer. A restaurant stands among the olive trees, to starboard as you enter. A wooden pier of the restaurant offers berthing capacity up to 25 boats. 

A demolished wall, buit to protect ancient settlements in Kapıdağ Peninsula. It is still in good condition.

Kapı Koyu is  a cool anchorage and the settings are very attaractive. The anchorages are always loaded by visitors.

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