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Yassıca Adaları


Yassıca Adaları

Coordinates 36°42'37.41" N - 28°55'59.26" E
Chart No 312

YASSICALARKızıl Ada - East Cove 

36°42’37”N - 28°55’57”E

Zone between Büyük Yassıca - Zeytinli-Şeytanlı Adaları 

36°42’02”N - 28°55’54”E 

The group of Islands with attractive settings, provide cool anchorages. In accordance with cruising and anchoring regulations for the preservation of environment of Göcek bays; anchoring is no more allowed here. There are floating moorings and bollards in the anchorages.

The island on the north-Zeytinli Ada-is densely covered with olive trees, affords good sheltering from the prevailing wind. Depth in the passage between the Zeytinli Island and Küçük Şeytanlı Ada on E is shallow. There is sufficient depth in the strait between Şeytanlı Ada and Büyük Yassıca Ada.

The creek on the northern part of Şeytanlı Ada is adequate anchorage in summer. Boats take floating mooring and take a line to a bollard. The bottom is clear and the settings are attractive here.

The eastern shores of Büyük Yassıca are lee from prevailing wind and it has steep slopes, but the western shoreline is wooded and has several adequate anchorages. There are floating moorings. 

Off the south side of the point is an islet, Kızıl Ada, The strait between it and the point is Yassıca is the best shelter. Approach is to be attempted from the deep strait on the west. On this approach a cove on starboard on kızıl Ada is adeqaute shelter with a line to a bollard. The cove by the rocky point, with an islet in the middle, is also pretty spot. There is room for just a few boats. A narrow cove near the end of the point is usually occupied by excursion boats. They always stop for swimmimg breaks in its turquoise water. By noon it will be crowded, but peaceful at night and provides all-round shelter. The setting is wonderful at night.

The strait between Büyük Yassıca and Kızıl Ada is shallow. One-metre reefs allow passage ony close to Yassıca (in 2 to 3m), but local knowledge is required to use it. It is much better to take the passage from the north. An islet, close to Kızıl Ada, there is a creek on the south, provides adequate shelter from prevailing winds with a line to bollard.

These anchorages are always loaded by excursion boats. It is always better to arrive in late afternoon and leave befor noon in the next day.

Diving courses and tours are organized in the vicinity.

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