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Ağa Port


Ağa Port

Coordinates 36°37'6.80" N - 28°52'16.48" E
Chart No 312

Ağa Limanı lies 1M north of point; Kızılkuyruk Burnu, indents like a slingshot, with a creek at the head of each arm. The bay is open to east. The cove on the west is Büyük Koy, the one on the northwest is Küçük Koy.

Küçük Koy ends in a shingle beach. Boats can anchor in 8-10 m off the beach and take a line ashore. Prevailing winds cause swell.

Büyük Liman, extends to the east,  it narrows and ends in a shingle beach. The water is deep and gently shelves ashore. Boats drop anchor off the beach and get a line ashore to the beach side. Strong westerlies send in swell. Ease your chain as much as possible and pay attention to the rocky bottom in some parts.

A rough path takes you to Köyiçi (800 m), where you will find Roman and Byzantine ruins.

The coves in Ağa Limanı are favourite stopover ports for boats cruising north and westward. When heading that direction, raise your anchor early before the breeze gets up to avoid cross-swell and choppy seas around Point Kurdoğlu and Dişibilmez.

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