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Göcek Adası İncirli Bay


Göcek Adası İncirli Bay

Coordinates 36°43'45.92" N - 28°56'49.63" E
Chart No 312


Fl (2) 10s 12m 8M 

This cove is on the north of the light tower (Fl (2) 10s 12m 8M) of Göcek Island, ends in a shingle beach surronded by pine trees. The water is clear and the cove provides good shelter in prevailing winds. Within the caption of preservation regulation applications; floating buoys and bollards are placed in the bay. Anchoring is no more allowed. You can pick up the mooring and take a line to the bollard if you wish. There is a restaurant ashore with T pier, having berthing capacity up to 10 boats. There are laid moorings tailed on pier.

Restaurant has boat taxi service from and to Göcek (1.3M). This cove is open to powerboat cruising route, it is sometimes boomy. The settings are very attractive. Boats stay here for a long time because of easy access to Göcek.

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