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Hacıdede Deresi


Hacıdede Deresi

Coordinates 36°40'6.51" N - 28°54'6.17" E
Chart No 312

An islet with a few olive trees, divides the strait between Domuz and Tersane Islands. A cove-Hacıdede Deresi indents on NE side of Domuz Island. It affords good shelter from prevailing winds. There is a shallow patch (30 to 40m diameter), which can be located by its colour. There are Lycian ruins on this shallow patch-probably abandoned after the silted up. Care is needed while dropping the hook. A nice anchorage is on the west, but the creek on the east, facing the strait has room just for a few boats. There is an impressive house on the west among attractive settings. Cool anchorage in summer.

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