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Sarsala Bay


Sarsala Bay

Coordinates 36°39'40.77" N - 28°51'28.59" E
Chart No 312

Sarsala Cove lies between points; Martin Burnu on N and Boz Burun  on S. It indents to the west and ends with a long shingle beach. The hillsides are densely wooded in pine. A pier on the south of the beach is for tripper boats landing. Water is available.


Boats anchor in 10-12 m off the beach side and swing at anchor. This anchorage is loaded by gullets.                                                                                        


 A cove intends to the south after the beach ; boats can anchor here with a long line ashore or swing. The depth is good; drop your anchor in 15-20m. The pines come right to water's edge.

Dalaman Airport is 16 km from Sarsala Cove. There are taxies available. The beach settlements are administrated by the municipality of Dalaman town. This anchorage gets crowded on weekends. The residents of Dalaman use this cove for outings.

Sarsala was once the port of farm of Hidiv Abbas Pasha of Dalaman, he was the governor of Egypt during the Ottoman Empire. Hidiv Abbas Pasha came from Egypt to Dalaman, where he wanted a hunting lodge built, as the area was abundant in wild life. A French construction company was given the task of building the lodge, but at the same time, the company was constructing a railway station in Egypt. Due to a bad mistake, the station was built in Dalaman and the Lodge in Egypt. The only station without railway connection is in Dalaman. Today, station building is the head office of state farm, which is still in production. There is an old marble column ashore where boats now tie. A catwalk with attractive surroundings goes to Dalaman and Kocagöl (4km) and is a nice route for strolling.

A cove on the south beyond finger point is called  Küçük Sarsala Koyu (36°39’01”N - 28°51’82”E). Boats can anchor on either side of it. At the head of the cove there is a cozy restaurant with a T pier that has laid moorings tailed to it.

A large bay lies towards Bozburun is called as Bozkoy; is perfect for those who prefer serenity when Sarsala gets crowded.

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