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Yavansu Bay


Yavansu Bay

Coordinates 36°38'9.54" N - 28°52'43.98" E
Chart No 312

Yavansu Cove lies on the SE of point; Kuyrucak Burnu. The depths shelve ashore. There is a wooden pier. Boats can be anchored fore-and-aft and get a line ashore or anchored off in 10m and swing. This cove is open to breeze, making it an inadequate overnight anchorage. The slopes are densely covered by pine and olive trees. A restaurant ashore provides service from time to time.

The reason this place is called Yavansu is due to the water quality coming down from the mountains is good only for animal watering. This cove is also called as seagull Bay(Martı Koyu) because of seagull mosaics on the shore.

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