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Çiftlik Bay


Çiftlik Bay

Coordinates 36°44'48.07" N - 27°52'43.41" E
Chart No 311

Çiftlik Koyu lies between points Kalemlik Burnu and Adatepe Burnu. An islet Küçük Çiftlik Adası on your starboard is identified.  On the beach side of Adatepe Peninsula, there are reefs -1.2 meters deep, extending out for about 40-50 m, about 300 m offshore. Proceed with caution when approaching this bay.

An attractive complex of summer houses Aktur is located here. The shores are densily wooded by pine trees. The beach side goes for about 1.5 km. There are two anchorages here. A cove at NW end of the peninsula is adequate shelter, boats can anchor off in 7-10m. There are moorings and buoys of the boats for inhabitants. Gullets drop anchor on the sheer shores on the west and take a line ashore, but this side gets swell. A cove on the west is also loaded with moorings and buoys. A wooden pier on this part is for the diving boat berthing. Diving tours and courses are arranged in summer. Provisional facilities are updated under Kurucabük section.

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