Coordinates 36°50'54.64" N - 28°16'10.05" E
Chart No 311


Keçi Adası Feneri 

(Fl R 2s 30m 5M) 

İnceburun Feneri

(Fl  3s 9m 5M) 

Marmaris Port is surrounded by densily wooded mountains, splitted by ravines with some indentations bordered by pine forest. Marmaris Port lies in a diameter of 2,5 M and the depths are 30 m. The port is protected by Nimara (Yıldız) and Keçi Island from southerlies. Nimara Island is a peninsula, it is connected to the mainland with an isthmus called as Yalancı Boğazı. The bay is connected to open sea by two passages. The passage Büyük Boğaz is 750 m wide and there are 38 m depths in the fairway. There are lights on both shores at the head of the passage. The light on south on Keçi Adası lit, Fl  3s 9m 5M, and the one in Nimara Island is called as İnceburun Light, it lit Fl  3s 9m 5M.  Both shores are free from any obstacles. There are patches at İnceburun Light. Keep 30 m distance off.  The passage between Keçi Adası and Mehmet Sarı Burnu is called as Küçük Boğaz, it is 465m wide. An islet Kargı Adası stands in the middle in the passage. There are sufficient depths (about 38 m) on both sides and they are free of dangers. This stretch of coast is fully covered by hotels and summer sites. A nice boulevard behind the beach between Marmaris - İçmeler continues for 7 km. The settings are impressive among flowers and pine trees.

Swimming areas are cordoned off with buoys. Boats can be anchored off swimming buoys , paying attention with piers locations ashore. The main anchorage to be tucked up is on the western side of the port (36°50’58"N-28°16’91”E). The bottom is sand-weed and it provides good holding.  Boats swing at anchor in 8-14m. Prevailing wind pushes swell in. Care is needed as this side gets very crowded by tripper boats and they constanly churn in and out. This anchorage becomes untenable when southerlies blow strong, it becomes too bumy. The anchorage on the northern side of Nimera Island affords sheltering from southerlies.

Marmaris Port is administrated by the municipality (phone; 252 413 11 22) and mooring charges are relatively cheaper than the marinas. Gullets and yachts go stern on quays. There are 3-8 m depth on the quays and the depth at the  head is 1-3m. Water and electricty (mono and three phases 220/380V -16/25/32 Amp) connections are available. Fuel can be obtained from truck-tanker. Bilge water discharge service is provided.

A number of restaurants and bars are located here. This quay gets very crowded in summer. The former settlements of the city were around the castle. This castle was built in 1522 during Suleyman the Magnificiant's journey to conquer Rhodes. The old houses and narrow streets are worth visiting.  All provisions can be found. All bank branches, private and state hospitals, regular transport facilities for most destination in Turkey are available. There are daily hydrofoils and ferries to Greek Islands. Dalaman Airport is 86 km from Marmaris. There are regular connections to European cities.

Entry and exit formalities can be carried out.

Public market takes place on Thursdays and Sundays.

Marmaris has developed extensive boating and diving facilities. There are number of boat and gullets chartering companies in the town. Diving tours and courses are always available for the visitors. Boat building, maintenance and service facilities, chandeleries are available in the town.

The Marmaris International Yacht Club arranges several activities including races, sailing courses for the youngsters and shows. Club organizes Yacht Charter Show every year in may. This activity has encouraged boat builders to improve the standarts. Number of attendants, agents, boat owners and brokers come together on this occasion.                                                                           

Another activity of the club is Channel Regatta for offshore boats. This regatta is organised with Offshore Yachting Club of Rhodos. This activity contributes alot to revive and strenght historical and cultural relations of both Greek and Turkish people.

The most important activity of the club is International Race Week. This traditional activity has been arranged for the last 21 years. This event takes place every year in october. This popular race gathers racing boats and passionate sailors from all around the world.

There are number of visiting boats and families winterizing afloat in Marmaris. Marmaris area carries typical Mediterranean climate characteristics- mild and rainy, relatively warm in winter and dry in summer.                                                                               

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