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Albatros Marina

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Albatros Marina

Coordinates 36°50'38.11" N - 28°17'6.94" E
Chart No 311
Vhf 16

Albatros Marina is situated on the east side of the bay. An isolated rocks extend out for 40m from the south end of the marina. The marina's in-water capacity is 40 boats and dry berthing is 200 boats. There are laid moorings tailed on concrete piers. Water and electricity connections are available. There are a resturant, bar and a market within marina. There is 70-ton travel hoist. All sort of maintenance works can be carried out.

There is a boat chartering and yacht brokerage company within marina. Boat exchanges and in/out transfers are carried out on weekends.

Marmaris is 3km from marina.

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