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Amos(Asarcık) Bay


Amos(Asarcık) Bay

Coordinates 36°45'40.93" N - 28°16'13.76" E
Chart No 311

Amos Koyu is on the west of Kargataş Adası, lying between points Asarcık Burnu and Zeytin Burnu. The name of the bay is called as Gökçe Koyu or Asarcık Koyu in the charts. The valleys are thicky wooded with pine and olive trees. There are good depths in the bay. The bay is open to east. There are no obstructions while entering ino the bay. There are summerhouses on the hillsides, among the trees. The beach area is cordoned off by the buoys. Boats can be pushed off in 6-11 m off the buoys. A finger tip extends out from the northern side. Boats go stern or bows-to where convenient and get a line ashore. There is a restaurant with T shape jetty - berting capacity up to 5 boats. You can drop hook in 4m and go stern. Water and electricty are provided. This jetty gets crowded by tripper boats, but it is quite  after 17.00 . There is another anchorage on the northern part of the finger tip. There is room for only one boat.

The ruins of ancient Amos are on the hills. Transport facilities ara available to Turunç (3 km), İçmeler (11 km) and Marmaris (25 km). This anchorage is a favorite spot for the tripper boats, they constantly churn in and out of the bay, but it is quite after 16.30 pm. The settings are attractive at night. 

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