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Abdireis Bay


Abdireis Bay

Coordinates 36°47'39.48" N - 28°16'58.56" E
Chart No 311

Point Alkaya is on SW of Yıldız Island which stands on E of Marmara Port entrance and Abdiresi Koyu lies on the west of point; Alkaya Burnu. This cove is open to west. The slopes are maquis and wooded by olive trees. The bottom affords good holding. A finger point extends out in the middle, the southern side of this finger affords sheltering. Boats drop hook in 7-12 m and get a line ashore. This is well known by tripper boats from Marmaris. They stop here for swimming breaks. A cave on on the southern part is a favorite spot for divers. This cave is known as Fosforlu Mağara (Phosphoric cave). It is a natural cave, accesible by dinghy.

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