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Gebekse Bay


Gebekse Bay

Coordinates 36°42'11.68" N - 28°13'51.47" E
Chart No 311

Gebekse Koyu lies by İnceburun Peninsula, between points; Akyar Burnu and Çiftlik Adası. İnceburun Peninsula is connected to shore with a narrow isthmus and extends to the E for about 0.5 M and protects Gebekse from breeze. The depths in the bay gradually shelve ashore. The bottom is weed at the entrance and becomes clear sand. Boats can be pushed off or anchored with a line ashore. Gebekse Koyu affords sheltering from breeze. The slopes are covered by olive trees. The ruins ashore are from Byzantine era. This anchorage gets crowded by the tripper boats from Marmaris, but it is quite after 16.00 pm.




00:00 PRESSURE1014 hPa
22°C 2 knots
03:00 PRESSURE1014 hPa
21°C 3 knots
06:00 PRESSURE1013 hPa
20°C 6 knots
09:00 PRESSURE1013 hPa
24°C 11 knots
12:00 PRESSURE1013 hPa
26°C 21 knots
15:00 PRESSURE1012 hPa
26°C 26 knots
18:00 PRESSURE1011 hPa
26°C 23 knots
21:00 PRESSURE1012 hPa
24°C 13 knots