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Çanak Port


Çanak Port

Coordinates 36°40'35.91" N - 27°58'17.73" E
Chart No 311

Çanak Limanı indents to the NE on the E of the point Atabol. There are rocks and patches extending out from the finger tips at the entry. Slopes are maquis. The water is deep and it is clear enough to recognize the bottom. Swimming is a delight here. You can anchor off the beach in 10-15 m and take a line ashore if there is room. You can also go to the port side, drop anchor in 25-35 m and get a line ashore. Çanak Limanı affords adequate sheltering from westerlies but, it is open to southerlies.  Çanak Limanı is an isolated bay and there is no access for land transport.




00:00 PRESSURE1017 hPa
12°C 21 knots
03:00 PRESSURE1016 hPa
12°C 21 knots
06:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
12°C 19 knots
09:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
13°C 11 knots
12:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
13°C 11 knots
15:00 PRESSURE1014 hPa
14°C 13 knots
18:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
14°C 10 knots
21:00 PRESSURE1016 hPa
13°C 10 knots