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Ada Boğazı


Ada Boğazı

Coordinates 36°40'3.81" N - 28°2'15.38" E
Chart No 311

Ada Boğazı is the prettiest and coolest anchorage in the gulf, it looks like a moon under Kızıl Ada on the east, Kiseli Ada on the west and mainland on the north. Northern tips of both islands towards to mainland are shoal. There are 2 m depths in the narrow passage on the northern side of Kızıl Ada, but this passage should be attempted only by sailor acquinted with the area. Two sand banks extend 200 m N of Kızıl Ada. If you are approaching from N of Kızılada, keep 30 m off the tip to maintain 4m-depth line. Boats anchor along the shore toward Kızılada passage. The depth shelves toward the point. There is good protection from prevailing winds. The bottom is so clear, it is hard to believe that you are not going to touch bottom. You can observe many hues of blue here. The setting is wonderful. Do not miss lingering in this beautiful place.You can get provisions by dinghy from Bozburun (1.3 M).

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