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Söğüt Port


Söğüt Port

Coordinates 36°39'28.13" N - 28°4'34.51" E
Chart No 311

A large bay on E of Söğüt Island, affords adequate anchorages. When you enter into the bay, the village on the hillside is Cumhuriyet and the one by the shore is Saranda. Boats can be pushed off along the shore of Saranda or pick up restaurant floating moorings and tucked up. This side is open to westerlies, so it is not a good overnight anchorage. Fair weather anchorage.

The anchorage on the northern side of Söğüt village, affords two piers of restaurants and a slipway.  The longer wooden pier has berthing capacity up to 22 boats. There are laid moorings tailed on pier. An attendant helps you to tie up. Water and electricity connections are available. Strong westerlies send swell in. This restaurant provides excellent food and service. The settings are impressive at night. Laundry service is also provided from the hotel section. Public market is arranged on Mondays. Regular minibus services are available to Bozburun (8 km) and Marmaris(44 km).

Another anchorage is on the west, it is called Botoz (36°39’40”N-28°04’04”E), affords adequate sheltering under rocky point. Boats anchor in 4-9 m off the breaking rocks from an old pier and get a line ashore. The depth shelves to shore from the middle. The next creek affords better shelter from the wind, but there is a room for a few yachts.

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