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Bozburun Port


Bozburun Port

Coordinates 36°41'27.27" N - 28°2'33.27" E
Chart No 311

Bozburun is an important center and famous in the region for boat building.  Quays surround the port. There are no laid moorings. Pay attention while easing your chain. Anchors are often tangled between craft lying on opposite quays. An attendant will come and help you to tie up. The municipality manages the port. Water and electricity connections are available. A fee is charged. Fuel is obtained from truck-tanker. All provisions are found in the markets. Public market is arranged on Tuesdays. Immigrations formalities can carried out. The authorities offices are around the port.  State clinic, pharmacies, ATMs kiosk and Gendarme station are in the town zone. Regular minibus services are available to Marmaris (55 km). Dalaman Airport is 150 km from Bozburun. There are cozy restaurants around the port, providing good food and service. Mostly fish menus are presented.

The anchorage on the eastern shore off the port is an attractive place for berthing. There are considerable depths at the head. Yachts go stern or bows-to where convenient. A number of bars and pensions are along the shore line. The sun set is magnificient under impressive settings.

Dense vegitation composed of bushes, small trees and maquis. The weather dry in summer, mild and rainy-relatively warm in winter.

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