Coordinates 36°40'58.00" N - 27°22'41.00" E
Chart No 311

Knidos Light Tower

Fl(2) 10s 104m 14M  

36°41’12”N - 27°21’48”E  

Knidos lies at the farthest west of Datça Peninsula. Datça Peninsula ends by Point Deveboynu. This point is an important turning point for route changes of the vessels. When entering Knidos during the day, you can not see the Knidos light tower(Fl (2) 10s 104m 14M ) ( (36°41’12”N-27°21’48”E). If you do see it, it means you are heading for the sunken rock breakwater. Care is needed. It is safe to keep close to the breakwater on your port side then to drop anchor in 10-12 meters in the middle and swing at anchor as it is common practice here. Severe gusts and choppy sea occurs from the strong westerlies at night. The bottom is thick weed. Make sure that your anchor is well dug in. A wooden pier extends from the head of the inlet.Boats can anchor off with a line ashore. This pier is managed by Datça Governor (Attendant phone: 0532-7378165). Berthing capacity is 10 boats. Water and electricty are provided. A fee is charged. There is a cozzy restaurant ashore. Some provisions are available. Regular transport services are available to Datça. 

Knidos is an important historical site. The anchient theatre with attractive surrounding is impressive. It is well worth climbing up to light tower for the stupendous view before sunset.

If your plan is to go northward, you should heave up your anchor early before breeze gets up to avoid cross swells and choppy sea at Deveboynu Cape.

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