Coordinates 36°45'58.99" N - 28°2'16.39" E
Chart No 311

A fjord like inlet lying from the north of Dişlice Island, curves into Datça Peninsula for about 1,5 M. Pine trees cover the slopes right down to the shoreline, which features many coves. This is one of the prettiest bays in Hisarönü. Care is needed for the reefs and rocky patches in the vicinity. While approaching from the east; there are reefs on our starboard, extending out for about 75 m. A 1,5 m deep rock lies 400 m east of Dişlice, it is marked by a conical buoy with a N cardinal top mark. Extreme caution is required.

Another rock patch lies 10 m north of Dişlice Island. It is always the best to keep some distance off the points in Hisarönü.

Bencik provides all-round shelter. The anchorages on both sides provide sheltering from the prevailing wind. Boats anchor in 8 - 15 m and take a long line ashore to a tree. Pay attention for shallow patches off the finger points.

Datça-Marmaris highway passes nearby. Buses stop in summer in connection with Datça services. Taxi can be arranged from the summer holiday complex nearby.

The northern shores of the bay is marshy and there is a pier on the west. This part is the beach side of the summer residential site. A rough path (700 m) goes to the site. There is a grocery shop, providing some provisions.

Be careful about the bees in the morning and late afternoons.

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