Coordinates 36°42'31.00" N - 28°5'32.00" E
Chart No 311

Selimiye Koyu, a large bay, is entered between points; Sığ Burun and Karaburun, 1M to the SW. There are number of anchorages, but the floating pier by village is the main anchorage for berthing. After passing Sığ Burun and turn for village of Selimiye, there are dangerous reefs-1,5 m deep, 30-40 m long, and about 250 m offshore-directly on your route. A buoy indicates these reefs. There are also rocks 350 m off the point Karaburun towards Selimiye village, extend for about 40-50 m. Stay well off these rocks.

There are several anchorages in the bay. Çökertme; (36°42’80”N-28°06’15”E) provides adequate anchorage from southerlies. Slipways of the village are located here. Reefs extend out from the islet in the middle and the depths on the west of this islet are shallow to the coast. A stream goes into sea. There are restaurants with piers along the shore. These piers afford adequate shelter from southerlies. The bottom is weed. Public market is arranged behind these piers on Wednesdays. A finger tip extends in the middle towards west. A quay and the floating pier of the village here afford the most adequate sheltering. There are laid moorings tailed on pier which provide berthing up to 30 boats( 0536-9953002).  Water and electricty are available. A fee is charged.

 Boats go stern to piers there laid moorings tailed on. The depths are sufficient at the head of the piers. There are several piers along to shore infront of the restaurants, you can also go stern-to on these piers. Boats also can be pushed off. The bottom is sand. Good holding. Boats can also go up to the shores of the entry of the bay and drop anchor behind shallow area in 10-20 m and take a line ashore. This part is quite and ideal for those loving serenity.

The houses of the village lie along the shoreline. The restaurants mainly offer fish menus. It is a pretty village with its identity and attractive surroundings. All kinds fruit and vegetables including delicious almond can be found. The inhabitants are sincere, hospitable and modest. When you stroll around, you can feel village life style, but refined approach from the people. A large number of boutique hotels and pensions afford exclusive service for the visitors. Most provisions can be obtained from the grocery shops. Fuel can be obtained from truck tanker. There are regular minibus services available to Marmaris (45 km). A state clinic and a pharmacy shop are in the vicinity. Diving tours and courses are organized.