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Martı Marina

Martı Marina
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Martı Marina

Coordinates 36°46'10.51" N - 28°7'28.05" E
Chart No 311-3113 A
Vhf 73


South Breakwater :

Fl G 5s 3M

North Breakwater: 

Fl R 5s 3M

This marina on the eastern shores of the entry of Orhaniye Bay is conspicous with the masts inside. Martı Marina offers exclusive sailing and yachting facilities. Berthing capacity is 380 and dry-berthing is 155 boats. There is a travel hoist-60 tonnes. The marina has reverse osmosis water treatment system. When you enter into marina, an attendant will come out in a dory to guide you a berth and help you tie up.

All sort of provisions are available. There are restaurants, bars, showers, laundry, swimming pool, market, chandelry available within the marina. Water and electricty are available from the pedestals. Bilge water service is provided. There are laid moorings tailed on pontons. Security for 24 hrs is provided. There is shuttle service to and from Marmaris. Regular minibus services are also available to Marmaris (25 km). Dalaman airport is 115 km. There is a rent-car company within marina. Marina administration organizes classic music concerts in late afternoons in summer.

All kinds of works including carpentary, electrical and electronic can be carried out. This marina provides all-round shelter. Building of a boutique hotel is in progress.

Public market in Orhaniye village is arranged on saturdays. You can buy regioanal village products, fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable rates. There is a bank AT\\'s in the village.

 A number of boats with families are wintered afloat here.

Bayır waterfall-Bybassos city settlements and Kızkumu are worth visiting.

It is believed that ancient Bybassos City were on the slopes of the mountains here. There are some fragments of the castle and theatre. People used to sleep for medical treatment in the temple in Eren Mountain dedicated to Hemitia, Goddess of health. 

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