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Karasu Bays

Karasu Bays

Coordinates 37°18'48.05" N - 27°28'19.07" E
Chart No 224-2246

Two coves intending to the west, separeted by a narrow point, stand under Karaburun Point. These coves are fair weather anchorages for swimming breaks.

The coves on the eastern part of Kazıklı Liman, do not offer any sheltering, they are lee from breeze.


37°18’59”N - 27°27’52”E

This cove stands on the south of Çamlık Point, 2M on the western part of Karaburun Point, and it is on route to Kazıklı Iskele. Affords adequate sheltering from breeze. Drop your anchor in 5-8 meters and get a line ashore. The bottom is sand, provides good holding.


37°19’06”N - 27°28’02”E

This large bay is situated on the northern part of Çamlık Point. It provides all-round sheltering . Drop your anchor in the depths of 5-6 meters and take a line a shore. The bottom is sand. Good holding. Pine forest surrounds the bay. 

Karasu Bays Map