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Kazıklı Port


Kazıklı Port

Coordinates 37°20'0.35" N - 27°28'47.63" E
Chart No 224-2246

Kazıklı Liman goes in for 4M on the north between points Karaburun and Teke. Kazıklı İskele is situated on the farthest north of the bay. The bottom is muddy and provides good holding. This bay gets swell in when northerlies blows stronger. You can drop your anchor in the depths of 5-6 meters and swing. Boats can be also anchored off by the floating pier of the restaurant, called Kaptan Han. Restaurant building is recently renovated. Water, electricty and ices are available. Berthing capacity of the pier is up to 11 boats.  There are laid moorings tailed on pier. Depths gradually shelve to marshland. Care is needed while approaching.  

The village is loacated 5 km away from the pier. The slopes of the village are covered by pine forest. Some provisions can be obtained from the markets in the village.There are regular land transport facilities to Akbük, and Milas. Fuel can be obtained from truck-tanker. There is State clinic  in the village zone. Pharmacy is located in Akbük. Kaptan Han restaurant provides water sport facilities.

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