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Hebil Bay


Hebil Bay

Coordinates 37°8'33.00" N - 27°22'41.00" E
Chart No 2247

Hebil Bay is on the west of point Kesire. Boats can anchor off the beach side in the depths of 8-10 meter. The bottom is sand. This anchorage is not recommended at night, it is open to northerlies.

Summer residential sites and touristic premises surround the bay. Concrete heaps are densily increasing in the vicinity.




00:00 PRESSURE1017 hPa
10°C 13 knots
03:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
10°C 16 knots
06:00 PRESSURE1014 hPa
11°C 16 knots
09:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
11°C 14 knots
12:00 PRESSURE1016 hPa
13°C 8 knots
15:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
13°C 11 knots
18:00 PRESSURE1015 hPa
13°C 10 knots
21:00 PRESSURE1016 hPa
12°C 6 knots