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Coordinates 37°7'49.00" N - 27°22'45.00" E
Chart No 2247


This is a large bay between points of Kesire and Saplı Burun. The eastern part \"Göltürkbükü\" is open to breeze. This part is fair- wheather anchorage. Drop your anchor in 6-10 meters. The western side by the point affords better shelter with a line ashore. 

There are two islets by the western side.The depths between these islets are deep. The shore side of the channel which ends by  Küçük Ada is more convenient anchorage  with a line ashore. This part relatively quite and comfortable at night. The bottom is weed and deep. Make sure your anchor is well dug in. 

Türkbükü has grown rapidly and become an important spot, invaded by holiday makers keen on the night life. A large number of power boats anchor and stay in the whole season. Since their moorings obstructed the anchorages, 80 moorings are set now and allocated for the visiting boats. Private mooring arrangments are no more allowed.

There is a shelter for local fishing boats, managed by the cooperative. Berthing capacity is 18 boats. Yachts can anchor off the breakwater in 4-5 meters. Water, electricity and wireless connection are provided. Laundy service and fishmongers are in the shelter complex. An attendant will help you to tie up. All provisions can be obtained  from the markets in the town.

There are regular minibus and taxi services to Bodrum (20 Km) and Bodrum-Milas Airport(45 km).

Bank branches, ATMs, State Clinic, pharmacies, Gendarme Station are located in the town zone. Cargo services are available. 

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