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Coordinates 37°9'5.00" N - 27°21'6.00" E
Chart No 2248

This large bay is between points Karaca Burun and Çetin Burnu, indents to the south. Care is needed  for the reefs extending out from the western tip of Karaca Burun. Keep some distance (about 50 meters) from these patches.

The hamlet houses are on the western side of the bay. The bight on the west side affods shelter from the prevailing wind. Breeze sends swell in. The bay is open to northerlies. The bottom is sand. Good holding. Anchor in 7-8 meters.

There is a shelter with limited capacity (20-30 boats). The dept in the basin is 3 meters. Boats can also go stern-to the outside of the mole in 4-6 meters with a line to the breakwater. This shelter is managed by the cooperative (phone: 252-374 50 929 A fee is chaged. Water and electricty are available. There is a fishmonger within shelter complex. Ice and butane gas bottle can be found.

All sort of provisions can be found from the markets in Gündoğan. The town hosts a number of hotels and pensions. Wireless connections are available from these premises. Public market is arranged on Wednesdays. Most bank ATMs, State Clinic, Gendarme Station, water sport and riding clubs are in the vicinity. Cargo services are available as well.

Gündoğan Municipality has wastewater treatment plant.

There are regular transport services available to Bodrum (18 km), Yalıkavak (6 km) and Bodrum-Milas Airport (55 km).


37.08.35 N - 27.2196 E

Küçük Bük is on the east of Gündoğan Limanı. Affords adequate shelter from breeze. Southwest part is convenient for anchoring. There are shallow patches infront of the hotel. Anchorages are limited because of the buoys of the boats of local people. There is a pier on the western part of the beach with limited berthing capacity (3 boats). You can go and berth there if you are lucky. Call attendant before you go. Phone: 252-387 76 33. Water, electricty and wireless connections are provided. There is a restaurant and market within pier zone.

All sort of provision are available from Gündoğan. 

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