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Çamlı Port


Çamlı Port

Coordinates 36°59'24.00" N - 28°14'53.00" E
Chart No 3111 B-3112 A

Çamlı lies on the southern part of Çapa Burnu and Çamlı (Gelibolu) Island. the bay is open to westerlies. The western side affords relative sheltering from breeze with a line ashore. There are considerable depths about 36 meters off the shore. A wooden pier extends from the western tip. Berthing capacity is 30 boats (Attendant :Mehmet Adalı, phone: 0536 939 89 60). There are 2m depths at the head and tripper boats to Sedir Island and Gökova bays leave from this pier. Ferry services to Bodrum in summer leave from this pier. This pier is crowded in summer by tripper boats and they constantly churn in and out. Boats go stern- to the pier and drop anchor for short term stay for getting provisions. The bottom is muddy. Water and electricity are available. Ice and butane gas bottles can be found. Fuel can be purchased from truck tanker. There is a cafe and a market in the vicinity. Boats can anchor off the pier on the west. The depths are 10-12 meters.

Çanak Koyu on the eastern shores of Çamlı Limanı (36°59’59”N-28°14’52”E) provides sheltering from the prevailing wind. The depths are 6-7 meters and shelve ashore.  Boats drop anchor and get a line ashore. The cove is surrounded by (brush)maqius. The streams on the east are nice spots to explore by local boats. The settings are attractive.

The road from the pier leads to Marmaris-Gökova  highway (5,5 km). The restaurants on the way provide delectable food and they are popular and crowded on week ends.

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