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Babuş Bükü


Babuş Bükü

Coordinates 36°52'23.00" N - 28°3'11.00" E
Chart No 3111 D–1644 B.Adm

Babuş Bükü lies on the opposite side of Zeytin Ada, intending to the east from the northern part of the point ; Babuş Burnu.

The surroundings are attractive, pine trees cover the shores. There are three coves on the southern shores, affording adequate sheltering from breeze. The last cove, which is the largest one, provides sheltering from the prevailing wind. Drop your anchor in 7-10 meters and get a line ashore. The cove in the middle is just a room for one boat.

The cove next to Babuş Bükü is a popular anchorage for the gullets. Cooler in summer. Yachts drop anchor in 10-15m and take a line ashore.

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