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Coordinates 36°56'3.00" N - 28°5'54.00" E
Chart No 311

Löngöz lies on the west of point ;Kargılı Burnu. The slopes are densily wooded by pine trees and drop sheer into the sea. The cove which affords adequate anchorage, indents to the west with a large arch and goes in for about 400 meters. You can drop anchor in the bights between the slopes and get aline ashore. This anchorage is narrow and maneuvering is possible for small and medium sized boats. Löngöz gets crowded in summer. Swell penetrates from strong northerlies. Care is needed while anchoring. Ease your chain as much as posssible. There are two streams between reeds and shoal water at the entries. There is a channel where there is 2 meters dept then it ends by a circular inlet. There is a restaurant. You can reach there by dinghy. This bay is an enchanting spot with attractive surroundings. A rough path joins to the forest road and reaches to the other coves nearby.

Keep in mind that if you don't take these walks, you are missing a little bit of paradise.

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