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Küçük Çatı Bay


Küçük Çatı Bay

Coordinates 36°47'29.00" N - 28°1'20.00" E
Chart No 3112 B

This bay lies on the south of Dördübet. Both slopes are maquis between pine trees.

The cove on the opposite side of the enty, lying 400 meters, is shallow and it is open to breeze. The bight on the west is popular and adeqaute one, it provides all-round sheltering with its limited berthing capacity. Anchor in depths of 5-6 meters if there is room. A few boats can berth here. You can swing at anchor in 7-10 meters  in the middle if weather is calm. Care is required for the rock patches, extending from the tip on SE.

When you walk or take your dinghy to the cove on the west by the entry, you will find a pool under pine trees. It will be your private pool.

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