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Büyük Çatı Bay


Büyük Çatı Bay

Coordinates 36°47'34.09" N - 28°0'54.09" E
Chart No 3112 B

Büyük Çatı is one the prettiest anchorages in Gökova Gulf. It lies on on the south of Dördübet Limanı. On approaching from the north, an islet with a single pine tree is identified from a distance. Büyük Çatı is entered from the east of this islet. Care is needed for the reefs on approaching from the west. These reefs are lying from the tip of the islet and there are sea-level rocks running out between shore and islet. The passage between these rocks and point is about 8-10 meters wide. Careful plotting is required.

The western shores of the entry make a large bay and provide adequate sheltering from breeze. Anchor in the depths of 8-10 meters and take a line ashore. Then a cove on the south part, affords better shelter from the prevailing wind. Care is needed for the reefs around the passage. You can be anchored in 6-9 meters and get aline ashore on the west. This anchorage does not get any swell. Both anchorages are pretty and the shores are densily wooded by pine trees. Both anchorages get crowded by gullets in summer. The cove on the western direction by the entry , affords all-round shelter. Drop your anchor in the depths of 4-5 meters and take a line ashore from north or south. Care is needed for rock patches, extending out from the western shores. A pier on the north is for local fishing boats. 1,5 km rough path is connected with Datça-Marmaris highway. Marmaris is 33 km and Datça is 40 km from this turnoff. There is delectable well water on the shore. Pay attention for the bees. The bight on the east, gets swell from westerlies. Fair weather anchorage for those loving serenity.

The nature is so reach here, do not miss to see this unique environment..

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