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Hırsız Bay


Hırsız Bay

Coordinates 36°55'24.00" N - 28°9'33.00" E
Chart No 311


36°55’51”N - 28°09’51”E

The largest bay in Gökova Gulf, intends 2 M to the south of Zeytinli Ada between points; Sazan Burnu and İnce Burun. On cruising from Zeytin Ada, the shores on our starboard extending to the east are attractive spots. Care is needed to avoid from the rocky and shallow patches from tip of points. Anchorage is possible with a line ashore.

The coves in Değirmenbükü:


36°55’24”N - 28°09’33”E

Hırsız Koyu indents to the south. It provides all-round shelter except southerlies. The bottom is sand. Good holding. Drop your anchor in 6-8 meters. The settings are attractive. Pine trees densely cover the slopes.


36°55’19”K - 28°09’25”D

İngiliz Limanı lies on the west of Hırsız Koyu. It indents to north then curves to the west. The shores on starboard afford all-round sheltering. Drop your anchor in the depths of 7-8 meters and take a line ashore. The depths along the eastern side abruptly shelve ashore.

The inles name (English Harbour) dates to the closing phases of the Second World War, when British warships used it as a base for their operations. The German fighters were unable to find them.


36°55’06” N - 28°10’09”E

Okluk Koyu lies on the SE of Değirmen Bükü. Wonderful spot in Gökova paradise. Okluk Koyu was the home of sailing boat'Kısme' and his master Mr. Sadun Boro who is the meistro of Turkish Sailors. Mr.Boro was the first Turkish sailor to set off  for a world tour. He has departed to conduct his tour with his wife Oda.

When you approach to Okluk bay in blue waters, you will be surprised with the silhouette of a statue. This is mermaid, standing on the rock and watching the beauties of paradise. This statue is the present of Mr. Sadun Boro to express his gratitude for the hospitality of the prettiest bays extended to Kısmet and her lonely passanger. Late sculptor Mr.Tankut Öktem has created this piece and placed her on the base here in 1995.

Okluk Bay provides all-round shelter. The bottom is muddy, excellent holding. Basic provisions can be obtained from the markets of the restaurants. The southern shores lodge two restaurants with\\ piers. Water, electricity and laundry services are available. Fuel can bo obtained from truck tanker from Marmaris. In summer, the piers get crowded. You can anchor between the piers or on the northern corner of the bay with a line ashore. There is deep water in the inlet, depths are 12 meters the drops to 7-8 meters and on approaching its reedy shores and it becomes shallow. Care is needed.

The path off the coast is an attractive forest road for unforgettable strolling where you can see the combination of green and blue.

Transport arrangments can be carried out from the restaurants. Okluk is 26 km from Marmaris and 100 km from Dalaman airport.

The bay on the west is Malderesi - landing and anchoring is prohibited since State summer residence was built.

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